Project: William Morris Project

Expanded Artefacts: Designing Experiences

Project Feedback and Update

After last week, our project got some feedback from Eva, Nicolas and gallery which basically  suggested firstly we should build more connection with gallery, and try to channel the user interaction with placards, the second one is that we could integrate some technologic  elements. Our project scheme: 1. Placards:(the past and the present) After visited gallery again, we found some key ideas and questions that we are going to put them on the placards and visitors could choose interested one, then signing their name.By doing so, we can channel the voice of audience and make a closer connection with Willam Morris Gallery. More

Research: Protest Adventure

A film about Protest which give us some insights and help us to understand some voice of protester. Bob and Roberta Smith, an artist known for eye-catching placards with slogans like ‘Make Art Not War’, has for years waged his own eccentric political campaigns. In recent years, he’d begun to lose faith in protest but suddenly it’s all the rage. From the Brexit vote to Black Lives Matter it seems the world is reclaiming its right to protest. In this film, Bob sets out to discover what’s getting everyone so angry in a wry, opinionated and passionate investigation… More

Presentation IV: Fighting [mobile] The reason of “Fighting” is because we want to change, and changing is always something Willam Morris wanted to do. “Fight for a  Cause” Morris said. I would probably say that do not live as a puppet, you should fight for freedom when you feel being confined. If people ask you to raise your hands, because they want to hear your voices , in some ideology people acting themselves as the vast majority to keep silence. But, Morris didn’t. he advocated people against the injustice of social class system through demonstration and march. In this… More

Presentation III: Behavioral Pattern- Conformity

After last time presentation, our group had been told we perhaps could integrate some performative elements which is to consider pattern that is defined as a behavioral model. In terms of political pattern, the first word came into my head is Conformity.  therefore, I though that maybe we can through  performance of people to present and discover this kind of public social and  individual psychological suggestion in order to  provoke people rethinking this sort of phenomenon. The definition of conformity is “behaviour that follows the usual standards that are expected by a group or society” which suggests that people  trend to follow… More

Presentation II: Pattern

This presentation is a integration of our group ideas.   We had different direction about this project one consider the idea of  pattern more directly connect with this project, but I consist that politics was a more interesting point.After a long time discussion I found a connection between arts and politics that they all can be kind of form.I went to the dictionary found a definition: pattern is a particular way in which something is done, is organized, or happens. According to this definition, I stated to dig more meaning about this concept. In a same way I found another quote… More

Preliminary research and Presentation I : Interview classmates

our group interviewed our classmates who considered as representing part of visitors. WEBSITE: DIALOGUE: This is beginning of  our research with Willam Morris project . What I have done is that I tried to get the opinion of visitors through interview my classmate that include five questions and one discussion. I  considered that  as visitors, my classmates also have many perceptions about this gallery  and this person. This is my five questions: 1.what is your first feeling about this gallery? (overall opinion) 2.what is the most impressed artefact in you point of view? (special artefact) 3.How do you define this… More

First Week: MIND MAP

I got some basic points about this gallery. Basically, what interested me most is the extraordinary life Journey of this person. More

London Project

It’s my former project in my Pre-Sessional English Programme. I interviewed some my classmates and teachers about the view of the exhibition and art gallery which is  in order to understand the purposes behind the actions of visiting exhibitions and I think there are some kinds of  similarity with William Morris project. Project WEBSITE: Interview Video: Youtube address:… More

The light of socialism coming soon… More