Project: Collaborative Unit

Collaborative unit and tribe

People and Communication in Wing Chun class

I never saw any “sport” ( I though it could be a sport ) like Wing Chun could caused a such wide range of people’s enthusiasm and passion. Whether male, female, old and young, and regardless of what background, they enjoy it pretty much.I interviewed some of them,  their mentioned different causes: some of for self-defense;  some for fun; most of them were influenced by the characters of KungFu films, such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan or Ip man and so on. They are treat one another with great politeness and patience,  because all of the levels was trained together, so you always can see some senior… More

Wing Chun and Ip Man

Wing Chun is a unique and scientific form of martial arts. Wing Chun’s specialty is close range combat, using quick punches with a tight defence, coordinated through agile stances for a quick advance. The effectiveness of Wing Chun is achieved by well coordinated attacks with simultaneous defence, delivering controlled energy, whilst maintaining flexibility and a relaxed composure. As a grandmaster of Wing Chun, Ip man is an iconic Chinese Martial Artist. But his fame may be because he was the mentor of Bruce Lee. He built a new KungFu teaching approach which improved the dissemination of Wing Chun. Wing Chun is a very practical and… More

Chinese Martial Arts

Intro : Chinese Martial arts is a big topic, which is not only the wild range of styles of martial arts but also the huge number of cultural connotations. In ancient China, there are two different approaches to fulfill personal values of life which were called Wen & Wu, and which were one of literary grace and another was martial exploits. So the biggest achievement of Chinese people is to accomplish both.We can see martial arts took a important place in Chinese culture and history.   Connotations : Martial (武=止+戈)  is one single Chinese character and syllable , which is the combination of two basic character components… More

Martial Arts in Britain

1. BBC: Timeshift – Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting: The Rise of Martial Arts in Britain Talking about Japanese and Chinese Martial Art in this film. It is kinda proud of the fact that Chinese Martial Arts embody the extraordinary and great cultural concept, because Chinese KungFu do not look for killing and fighting but for avoiding  and stopping.        2. the Martial Arts Studies Research Network The Martial Arts Studies Research Network is an AHRC-funded research network directed by Professor Paul Bowman in the School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies (JOMEC) at Cardiff University, UK. More

Interview Video

Intro: I interviewed a person called LEO who is the only teacher of this Chinese kung fu institution and he also was the official Wing Chun fight choreographer for the famous Chinese movie “Ip Man”.   The interview took place at  our first meeting ,  nevertheless only two weeks, but for me I get a deeper understanding of this tribe.Basically I have three times to meet them and discuss about the feeling and personal understanding of the some motions. I really appreciate this chance was given by our collaborative unit  which pushed me to stepping out and meeting people and exchanging our mind and … More

Trial session/ First Feeling

I got a trial session for Wing Chun class and met some new friends and interestedly  there is one learner like me is studying at  University for academic purpose. Through my first day of exploration and observation , I though this group people might have very close relationships with each other, basically  you always closely facing  your partner and touching their hand or shoulder, this physical connection I thought would create more possibilities of  communication. And another thing I noticed that They are really with enormous passions, because after class have finished, there were still some students continuously practicing in pairs. More

Where is my tribe ?

For me, it is kind of trouble with this project, because, I am a kinda person who is really not good at social in some extend. Whatever,follow the idea of “tribe”, I started to find a certain group that might be interesting and willing to participate.It was a long time to specifically pick out one feasible direction because of the misunderstanding of the tribe. At beginning, I supposed  I could gather some people in different field together and make a co-working group, but then I understood this wasn’t a tribe that our collaborative unit looking for. After tutorials and self-rethinking, I finally… More