After last week, our project got some feedback from Eva, Nicolas and gallery which basically  suggested firstly we should build more connection with gallery, and try to channel the user interaction with placards, the second one is that we could integrate some technologic  elements.

Project Feedback and Update

Our project scheme:

1. Placards:(the past and the present)

After visited gallery again, we found some key ideas and questions that we are going to put them on the placards and visitors could choose interested one, then signing their name.By doing so, we can channel the voice of audience and make a closer connection with Willam Morris Gallery.

We want to link tow voices (Morris and audiences )together:

Front Side: Users fill the blanks. (which may consider hashtag in order to share in the social media)
and then sign their name.

Back Side: One quote from Morris.

We also think about combining more elements on the placard, such as Pattern and allow user take it home.


2.Technology:(interactive film)

We are going to shoot some video clips which include some introduction of our project or some quotes from Morris and present them with 3D projection Mapping  in the “socialism” room.


All details  see project portfolio.