This prototype is mainly used to indicate the distribution and and value alteration of foot pressure, which is used to analyze some basic principles of WingChun training.

The prototype is surrounded by LED strip which could indicate three different status. Putting different pressureĀ  trigger different color in different part of your feet.

The default is off with zero pressure and LED turns green When put light pressure on the insole; Medium strength is blue and the strongest strength is shown in red.

In WingChun daily training system, there are some basic principles.

First of all, the important basic conceptĀ  is “power from the ground,” which interpret the source of power. Leading the strength of your body into the soles of your feet and get the elastic counterforce from ground.

In addition, when training with attacks and defensive positions, the body squats in moderation and lowers its center of gravity to achieve greater space for the body’s balance. At the same time, focus your body on the back foot. The front foot is only lightly touched the ground, convenient for other flexible dodging and offensive action.

Finally, the control over the micromotion of pressure with different position from the feet to the heels. Through a proper adjustment of the body, starting from the bottom of the foot and accomplishing the guidance and transmission of the power.