I never saw any “sport” ( I though it could be a sport ) like Wing Chun could caused a such wide range of people’s enthusiasm and passion. Whether male, female, old and young, and regardless of what background, they enjoy it pretty much.I interviewed some of them,  their mentioned different causes: some of for self-defense;  some for fun; most of them were influenced by the characters of KungFu films, such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan or Ip man and so on.

They are treat one another with great politeness and patience,  because all of the levels was trained together, so you always can see some senior students taught new students the details and experience. They have weekly dinners and group activities, and their topic always about martial arts and Chinese culture.

Due to the training method people mostly work in pairs, and often change partner after each action, so people got a chance to face to face communicating each other.