The beginning of the project is the residential environment of the entity that is concerned with the process of urbanization and then it spread to a whole virtual system. It seems to be a big possibility in today such a digital era when people constantly talking about VR,AR and MR. Of course this is not a new idea and actually similar topic have mentioned many times in some films and fictions, but it is indeed a concept what can cause a lot of related discussion, such as the relationship between human nature and the science and technology; the imagination of our urban life in the future.

The preliminary version of this project called i-Box 1.0 and at that time I stay my research on the analysis of the spiritual world and material world; the real life and the dream experience which I personally prefer to study— the nature of human nature, but it’s a little difficult to connect with reality technology and the discipline knowledge, finally, after discussions with tutors and further research, I decided to directly use VR and AR technology as the foundation to apply for the concept of my project.

I try to create a integration of common applications of VR  and combined with the small physical living space which I thought including the consideration of the feasibility of the technology; the rationality of the price; and executable of the schema.

I modeled this project as a business perspective and created the video for advertising and the website which made it look more real. Due to many technical and cost factors I can’t control, so I took this virtual system into different version which is similar  with software version. The so-called trial version is my mainly goal at this stage and I think it can be combined with some existing VR applications of real estate industry into my i-Box system.  Finally Let the user have an intuitive feel for the extensibility of the virtual space.

What I want to create is a virtual world of living that a space where put users in a situation of losing the judgement of the real space and time to experience a purely immersive and addictive space.

My point is to imagine a popular mass product like i-Box whether someone is willing to live in another virtual world.

So what if , there is a perfect virtual system existed ? People may start to feel like a sort of escapism or people just can’t help to give a try.

For me bring this discussion into my project is maybe my real purpose:

1. the concerns of the rapid development of urbanization.

2. the influence of virtual life in the behavior pattern and the ideology or human body.

3. the relationship between technology and human nature in the future.