i-Box simulation system provides a new lifestyle .It is a physical space that combine VR or AR technology to present a pure and virtual home and it could be sold or rented for every one especially for people live in the urban area.

We integrated the six major life scenarios of virtual system and people’s daily life experience into the virtual experience with 360 degrees lifelike scene and interactive experience that let you acquire infinite freedom and perfection in this tiny space. And I promise you once you enter our system, you will never want to come out.

The comfort and insulation of the system makes you feel like you don’t have the limitation of physical space and allow you to forget the time. It was like being in a completely separate parallel world and it could be a possible housing solution for the possible future.


The system is still in testing stage at present and there is only trial version available, the user can experience the basic scenario of house discovering that you could stay in a limited physical space to experience infinite extension and interactive virtual space.

We offer a variety of renewal and maintenance services. The system is suitable for all kinds of VR devices.