The final version of i-Box get more specific and focus on the VR or AR technology which is a little bit different by comparing with previous version, but there are something did not change. I retain the old version of TVC because I thought the concept still hold something in common, they both living in a virtual world.


We live in the city

but we long for nature

the fast pace of urban life causes pressure and competition

causing the future of our city life to become cruel and not as good as expected

We dream of a wonderful future for our homes but it’s only a dream and never made reality

Do you sometimes step back for a moment and think of past memories and the aspirations you once had which have become more blurred by time

Do you sometimes think about escaping into another world and living in a new life that you really desire?

The world needs change

The only thing we want to do, is innovate every moment you have presently.

It could happen in your small urban apartment but seem wide enough to include all your expectations for an ideal world

Scenarios are specially designed in a human friendly manner

It is no longer a dream when you are asleep, but an extension of your heart’s calling and provides the kind of existence that is more real and more beautiful

It is the sort of reality you never imagined and you get to choose the duration  of your experience.

Your memorable past or the anticipant future could even heal past regrets  in one day, one month, or one year.

Our product is suitable for everyone and once you access your thoughts, you could restart a new life. Living in a unique space.

Because it’s about you. Your individual memories, your future, your life story.



The outcome is still a website ( i-Box, 2017) for introducing this “i-Box” system which could update and apply for new applications and and scenarios. People could buy or rent this space for living inside.  i-BOX aim to create a VR experience with naked eye in the possible future. I started to focus on the scenario design, such as entertainment, working ,sports and living.When you sitting inside your could use VR headsets to get a viewing of your dream house and interact with this virtual environment.  your could have a  experience of traveling around world or do some sports while your stay your i-Box room — a virtual  space.



I want to bring this idea to exhibition with a close narrow space, covered by advertising and screens. In this dark room audience may feel isolated and blur the sense of spatial distance and time. The trial version for free about 5 minutes experience by using VR devices to get a spatial extension  and to experience a virtual dream house.In this system, I  tend to use immersive VR environment in a highly concentrated way to bring VR application together and apply that for urban residential solution.