After had  a tutorial  with my tutor, I sketched this map that may be hard to understand from the image I designed, but in my personal perspective , this image includes all the information I needed. Through the  study of ego and self-model in the perception of  real and virtual. I get clearer in my research and focus on the relationship between the immersive environment  and human perception. I thought people could taking VR equipment  as a body-based computer system which I considered this as a speculative solution for new way of communication and interaction and building up a sort of “transparent” interface in the future digital world.  So my project is a film that about to simulate this system.






   1.1 Introduction to the study

   1.2 Introduction to virtual reality

   1.3 Introduction to the phenomenology of perception

2.The Perception and The Body

   2.1 Perception and Experience

   2.2 The Body and Phenomenal Body

   2.3 Body and Mind

   2.4 Summary and Discussion

3.The physiology, psychology, and phenomenology of Perception and Reality

   3.1 The Physiology of Perception

   3.2 The Psychology of Perception

   3.3 The Phenomenology of Body and Object

   3.4 The phenomenology of bodily perception and illusion

   3.5 Summary and Discussion

4.The Perception and Virtual Reality

    4.1 The Perception Experience of Reality and Virtuality

    4.2 Virtual Reality and Interaction Experience

    4.3 The future of Virtual Reality and Interaction

    4.4 Summary and Discussion

5.Overview of Research

6.Summary and Conclusions





FMP- Thesis rethink and structure