The primary focus of this thesis is the study of phenomenology of perception and virtual reality  and introducing this theory into the development of improving the cognition and       experience level in such multidimensional and computer-based virtual environments.

It is an integrated research which combines the phenomenological theory and interaction design towards the re-interpretation and  exploration of the conception of the “real” reality and virtual reality. Through discovering and understanding the idea of  “essence”  in the phenomenology of perception, especially the research of the human body, the brain, the concept of perception and perception field. Studying the relationship between the body and  mindperception and reality in terms of virtual reality(VR) environment in order to facilitate and offer new possibilities in the high fusion of virtual reality and the perceived reality.

This thesis is divided into six chapters. The introduction section presents the overall structure at this thesis, the research questions and processsome key concepts, and also including the study of the history and present state of virtual reality (VR) technology. The second chapter introduces the phenomenology of perception of Merleau-Ponty, the research methods of phenomenology, and the relationship between the perception and the perception of  body,  the body and the consciousness of cognition. The third chapter is a study of the body from the perspective of psychology, physiology, and phenomenology. Here this thesis introduces the study of the body’s senses based on related subjects and theories and discusses the perspective of philosophy and the angle of virtual reality. Chapter four introduces the relationship between perception experience and virtual reality environment, some case studies that are based on the phenomenological concepts and interaction ideas. The fifth chapter presents the overview of research and research method from the phenomenology of perception to virtual reality. The last one, chapter six is the summary and conclusion of this study that includes some personal revelation and further research for the future.

Through raising questions to research and exploration, discovering the new way of communication and interaction which is based on the study of  phenomenal body reality and virtual reality, understanding the relationship between the body and environment that would boost our cognition.