a short film, behind the story….

Motif  and Research

According to my thesis, I would like to shoot a film which could presents the future life of VR that I imagined and the discussion of the perception of reality and virtual reality .

In 2004,I watch the film which is called 2046 and is directed by Wong Kar-Wai. The story of 2046 presented that In the year 2046, a vast rail network spans the globe and a mysterious train leaves for 2046, every once in a while. Every passenger going to 2046 has the same intention: the want to recapture lost memories, because nothing ever changes in 2046, but nobody really knows if that’s true…

The idea of this film about memory and crossing time and space, therefore I though is quiet  achievable if develop the VR technology. This film give me inspiration and deep reflection, I want to shoot a film and rewrite a story but from the virtual reality perspective and present the virtual reality life in the full-body immersive environment.

The research including two parts, the first is the consideration of my thesis and the other is the film.As I mentioned in my thesis, I stated from the study in the phenomenology of perception and the virtual reality application. These studies the theoretical foundation and the diction of story. In terms of the research in the film that includes  the study of film making and post-editing.  I organize  some workshop with classmate and students form relevant discipline. Interview people with the questions about the imagination of their future VR experience.

Process and Production

To be honest ,It’s a big challenge for me. shooting a film involve lots of stuff. I have to start from scratch. The shooting location is in the Central London, a historical building and I have to play multiple roles that including the screenwriter, director , and actor.

Picture and Blooper

FMP - Shooting 2

FMP - Shooting 1

Shooting Process Video:



THE Story of Immersive Interaction

In the very beginning , my story is scattered version and after have the workshop with classmate I decided to write a  whole story I hope that could elucidate my idea explicitly and in a more attractive way. It is not a product demonstration, but a humanized and  rememberable story.






FMP - Shooting 3

FMP - Shooting process and full film 1