An ordinary and attractive story around VR and Love……


In the near future. VR glasses become very light and even become a part of the body. VR can do not only environment-based interaction or immersive remote communication. but also could enable people record all scenarios. and then you can simulate and experience past in the virtual environment.

— — — — —

The man settled in west London alone , he get a crush on a Chinese overseas student through running application of VR system for a year. The story focus on one day when the girl nearly graduate from collage. This day they are talking and watching virtual movie by VR, and finally they went to the bar. the Female student hold the drunk man go home at night, and when the man wake up in the morning and found there’s no one around, may be a dream, or is in drunk at home.

— — — — —

The story start from 30 years age in 2067, an old man, holding a book, closing his eye, lying on the bed, and recalling one day in 2046. At the end of the story, the old man open his eyes and notice one VR system caution and suggest that he should delete some memory of the virtual environment to release more memory space


This film based on a love story and tend to bring the discussion of virtual reality and human life, the city space and emotional belonging, the past and future, interaction technology and humanity