For me, it is kind of trouble with this project, because, I am a kinda person who is really not good at social in some extend.

Whatever,follow the idea of “tribe”, I started to find a certain group that might be interesting and willing to participate.It was a long time to specifically pick out one feasible direction because of the misunderstanding of the tribe. At beginning, I supposed  I could gather some people in different field together and make a co-working group, but then I understood this wasn’t a tribe that our collaborative unit looking for.

After tutorials and self-rethinking, I finally chose one direction– Chinese martial art, which inspired  and influenced me a lot in my childhood but never tried as a adult. I thought the martial art is a typical symbol of Chinese culture and spirit which is existed  and evolved for thousands of years. It could be a very traditional exercise but I am interested to research and explore a new way  in this technology innovation-oriented society through practicing and communicating with this tribe.

So, the next step,I going to join a Chinese kung fu tribe and interview the practitioner and research more symbols of culture in order to continuously  advance my project.