Intro :

Chinese Martial arts is a big topic, which is not only the wild range of styles of martial arts but also the huge number of cultural connotations. In ancient China, there are two different approaches to fulfill personal values of life which were called Wen & Wu, and which were one of literary grace and another was martial exploits. So the biggest achievement of Chinese people is to accomplish both.We can see martial arts took a important place in Chinese culture and history.


Connotations :

Martial (武=止+戈)  is one single Chinese character and syllable , which is the combination of two basic character components and could be simply understood as to stop the use of weapons and avoid war is truly military. Chinese traditional martial arts is  a representative and miniature of Chinese traditional culture and a characteristic of Chinese culture symbols. therefore the martial arts in China is not just a kind of sports but the pursues of culture and morality. Chinese people traditionally advocate and praise  martial virtue and  to name a grand master of Martial artist.



It is difficult to count the numbers of martial arts styles but there are a sorts of  geographically-based styles which divided by northern and southern. Tai Chi is the representative of northern style and Wing Chun is very popular  in southern China.


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I think Chinese martial arts is a combination of fighting system, fitness exercises and arts form of ethnographic culture.