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Pressure Insole intro

This prototype is mainly used to indicate the distribution and and value alteration of foot pressure, which is used to analyze some basic principles of WingChun training. The prototype is surrounded by LED strip which could indicate three different status. Putting different pressure  trigger different color in different part of your feet. The default is off with zero pressure and LED turns green When put light pressure on the insole; Medium strength is blue and the strongest strength is shown in red. In WingChun daily training system, there are some basic principles. First of all, the important basic concept  is… More

Motif The beginning of the project is the residential environment of the entity that is concerned with the process of urbanization and then it spread to a whole virtual system. It seems to be a big possibility in today such a digital era when people constantly talking about VR,AR and MR. Of course this is not a new idea and actually similar topic have mentioned many times in some films and fictions, but it is indeed a concept what can cause a lot of related discussion, such as the relationship between human nature and the science and technology; the… More

i-Box INTRO i-Box simulation system provides a new lifestyle .It is a physical space that combine VR or AR technology to present a pure and virtual home and it could be sold or rented for every one especially for people live in the urban area. We integrated the six major life scenarios of virtual system and people’s daily life experience into the virtual experience with 360 degrees lifelike scene and interactive experience that let you acquire infinite freedom and perfection in this tiny space. And I promise you once you enter our system, you will never want to come out. More

Trial Version

I modeled this project as a business perspective and created the video for advertising and the website which made it look more real. Due to many technical and cost factors I can’t control, so I took this virtual system into different version which is similar  with software version. The so-called trial version is my mainly goal at this stage and I think it can be combined with some existing VR applications of real estate industry into my i-Box system.  Finally Let the user have an intuitive feel for the extensibility of the virtual space.  … More

i-Box 2.0 The final version of i-Box get more specific and focus on the VR or AR technology which is a little bit different by comparing with previous version, but there are something did not change. I retain the old version of TVC because I thought the concept still hold something in common, they both living in a virtual world. ———————- We live in the city but we long for nature the fast pace of urban life causes pressure and competition causing the future of our city life to become cruel and not as good as expected We dream… More


Proposal Title True and False – How can people distinguish true from false? Field of Study In this project, I plan to explore the influence of new science and technology such as VR(Virtual reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) towards the reception of true and false and try to provoke some sort of debate about the relationship  between the human and technology. Context It seems clear that we set 2016 as a key year in virtual reality industry which is so called the year of VR, but if we look at the early attempts of virtual reality that could be traced… More

samrt insole

In my cooperative tribe – WingChun Tribe. Students have some basic decomposition of movement practice at every day training  which is very important to enhance the understanding of the WingChun and grasp the basic principles. But for beginners, they may have some trouble  with the deeper understanding of these principles. I designed this pressure indicator — a smart insole, which in order to strengthen the students’ cognition of these movements ,using very intuitive pressure analysis and light indicators to help students and deepen their understanding. This is, of course, just an early prototype. The portability and directive directness can also… More

First Prototype

To be honest, most of  new students lack of fully understanding of footwork in WingChun training, because We mostly focus on the upper limb and thing about how to use fist,  palm,elbow to organize attack and defense . But in general daily session we constantly practice one movement which allow us lower our body and place full weight on the rear foot and keep  the forward  foot light touch floor or suspend in the midair. Follow this teaching procedure, I thought my first prototype like a kind of pressure  sensor mat. and then consider more easy to carry I got my idea to build… More

Movement of the center of gravity

I always been told how important of keeping balance of body during my WingChun training  session, so I started to understand the  basic theory of Stability and the centre of gravity.   The direction of the force of gravity through the body is downward, towards the centre of the earth and through the COG. This line of gravity is important to understand and visualise when determining a person’s ability to successfully maintain Balance. When the line of gravity falls outside the Base of support (BOS), then a reaction is needed in order to stay… More