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FMP:The narrative of 2046

scenario An ordinary and attractive story around VR and Love…… ———– In the near future. VR glasses become very light and even become a part of the body. VR can do not only environment-based interaction or immersive remote communication. but also could enable people record all scenarios. and then you can simulate and experience past in the virtual environment. — — — — — The man settled in west London alone , he get a crush on a Chinese overseas student through running application of VR system for a year. The story focus on one day when the girl nearly… More

FMP – Shooting process and full film

a short film, behind the story…. Motif  and Research According to my thesis, I would like to shoot a film which could presents the future life of VR that I imagined and the discussion of the perception of reality and virtual reality . In 2004,I watch the film which is called 2046 and is directed by Wong Kar-Wai. The story of 2046 presented that In the year 2046, a vast rail network spans the globe and a mysterious train leaves for 2046, every once in a while. Every passenger going to 2046 has… More

FMP- Thesis rethink and structure

    After had  a tutorial  with my tutor, I sketched this map that may be hard to understand from the image I designed, but in my personal perspective , this image includes all the information I needed. Through the  study of ego and self-model in the perception of  real and virtual. I get clearer in my research and focus on the relationship between the immersive environment  and human perception. I thought people could taking VR equipment  as a body-based computer system which I considered this as a speculative solution for new way of communication and interaction and building up a sort of… More

FMP-Theis Abstract

Abstract The primary focus of this thesis is the study of phenomenology of perception and virtual reality  and introducing this theory into the development of improving the cognition and       experience level in such multidimensional and computer-based virtual environments. It is an integrated research which combines the phenomenological theory and interaction design towards the re-interpretation and  exploration of the conception of the “real” reality and virtual reality. Through discovering and understanding the idea of  “essence”  in the phenomenology of perception, especially the research of the human body,… More

FMP – Presentation

A Formal Formative Assessment This a mid-term assessment for final thesis, I talked about the idea of perception and reality. The title of my thesis is the Phenomenology of Perception and virtual Reality. In terms of the research result and content, I thought I really need try to put more efforts on my research field. According to the comments form mentors, I need to find and build more clear connection towards the conclusion of the Phenomenology and virtual reality. I though It really helpful for me to rethink my thesis and do more study to develop my idea. More

Pressure Insole intro

This prototype is mainly used to indicate the distribution and and value alteration of foot pressure, which is used to analyze some basic principles of WingChun training. The prototype is surrounded by LED strip which could indicate three different status. Putting different pressure  trigger different color in different part of your feet. The default is off with zero pressure and LED turns green When put light pressure on the insole; Medium strength is blue and the strongest strength is shown in red. In WingChun daily training system, there are some basic principles. First of all, the important basic concept  is… More

Motif The beginning of the project is the residential environment of the entity that is concerned with the process of urbanization and then it spread to a whole virtual system. It seems to be a big possibility in today such a digital era when people constantly talking about VR,AR and MR. Of course this is not a new idea and actually similar topic have mentioned many times in some films and fictions, but it is indeed a concept what can cause a lot of related discussion, such as the relationship between human nature and the science and technology; the… More

i-Box INTRO i-Box simulation system provides a new lifestyle .It is a physical space that combine VR or AR technology to present a pure and virtual home and it could be sold or rented for every one especially for people live in the urban area. We integrated the six major life scenarios of virtual system and people’s daily life experience into the virtual experience with 360 degrees lifelike scene and interactive experience that let you acquire infinite freedom and perfection in this tiny space. And I promise you once you enter our system, you will never want to come out. More

Trial Version

I modeled this project as a business perspective and created the video for advertising and the website which made it look more real. Due to many technical and cost factors I can’t control, so I took this virtual system into different version which is similar  with software version. The so-called trial version is my mainly goal at this stage and I think it can be combined with some existing VR applications of real estate industry into my i-Box system.  Finally Let the user have an intuitive feel for the extensibility of the virtual space.  … More